The god_Games Project is closed.

This page will remain up until August 13, 2014 as reference material at which point the webhosting will expire and the website will fully close down.

Thank you to all persons who have participated in the god_Games Project's training programs, free spells, and self empowerment techniques on this website.

It is my most sincere and hopeful intention that you all have more happiness and prosperity in your lives and find joy in your spiritual path. Please remember, previous participants, that some programs on the website require repetition and practice, and others require patience.

If you are waiting for a successful result from any of our self empowerment / free spells offers, please remember we are not quitting and will continue working behind the scenes to attempt to bring you what you have requested.

I am enclosing three parts of the god_Games project which I feel are relevant after it has been closed down for people who are interested in learning about what the god_Games Project was.

1. The god_Games Project original introduction page.

2. A notice for the doubters and mockers

3. The final cyber-magick playlist.

Part 1

The god_Games Project main page introduction text

This website is very unique and different from a lot of occult sites. On this site we offer many free spells, training programs, and interactive cyber-magick games.

It is our intention that all who participate are blessed by this process.

We do not have any membership dues. We don't even take donations. You don't even have to contact me and try to be my friend or join any secret society with funny hats to be able to use this system. Everything really is free to learn and be blessed by, and there is some pretty good stuff here to grab too!

Most of the magick found on this website is unique to our god_Games Project website and not taught or used elsewhere (unless learned from us.) The magick on this website is very powerful, and the benefits to be gained from using it are for some people very great.

I'm not saying that because I want your money, because I want you to join my religion, or because I want to use you in any way, because none of these things are part of this website. I literally have no reason or selfish motive to lie to you and say that there are some serious and amazing benefits to using this website.

Our intention with this website is to empower others with magick on the hope that some of them may take that empowerment and use it to bring about powerful and wonderful changes on this earth and make it a much better place. The philosophy of our website is explained here:

This is the god_Games Project Mission Statement from the F.A.Q. section:

The following two graphics are included on every page of the website:

This is the standard philosophy of the website and participation:

These are the rules for the website referenced in above graphic:

Part 2

A note for the doubters and mockers

A Public Disclaimer for the Doubters and Mockers
Written by: The Magus (Timothy R. Waggener: The website's founder.)

Slander in the occult community is far more dangerous than slander in an everyday situation. This is because in the occult community there are people who have decided they are "in charge" of regulating things.

This regulation is somewhat necessary in America, because the US Government is not really allowed to infringe on separation of Church and State. Any kind of prayer or magick is 100% legal, even if you die from it, if it is done purely with prayer and magick.

People who have decided they are in charge of things may think this because they have a website or forum and lots of people respect them, because they have a society they founded or are part of a society someone else has founded and some level of respect and a sense of entitlement is simply natural to the human psychology as a result.

So when there is slander present in the occult community it is very important to respond to it, because you can die, go insane, have your abilities bound and restricted, &tc as a result of something someone said which was untrue simply because someone was gullible enough to believe it.

So let me address some of the doubting and mocking I am aware of. Now, it's pretty easy to get mistaken for one of the nutters just solely based on some of the things I do and talk about. Let's be honesty I intentionally make my presentation style unbelievable in how I present things, and I do this so that people who believe in me already take it seriously and everyone else passes it over.

When I say I am a genius I'm pointing it you because my test scores indicate I most likely am smarter than most people who will read this. This is not an opinion I have that I made up myself. This is a statistically measured fact. I'm actually very good at what I do.

Most of the claims about me center around the idea people are supposed to pity me. This is a common tactic of misinformation agents in that they will portray a false sense of "be nice to this person" just to hide the fact they are intentionally going out of their way to discredit you, or sometimes people are just stupid and they assume you should be pitied for one lie or another when in fact you should actually be respected for a very opposite truth.

A lot of the most common misconceptions about me are found to be addressed on my website itself in "A Beginner's Guide to Magick for the Self Taught / Essential Understandings for Healthy Advancement."

The thing to understand about this document first and foremost is that it helps a person use rational thought and logic to identify dangerous people and people who have bad intentions towards you and also to identify people who are delusional, (including people who are delusional and have lots of people who respect and follow them which happens far too often in the occult because they have some level of psychic ability that stands out) dangerous, or who have an inflated sense of self worth.

When I make friends with someone who uses magick this is one of the first forms of documentation which I point them to, because I do not want these kinds of people entering into their lives and stealing these people away from me, and also because it's actually a very well written and helpful document and I would really prefer my friends not make the mistake of becoming one of these people. You don't have to be crazy to accidentally become like this in magick and therein is the fine line.

A Beginner's Guide to Magick for the Self Taught

A Beginner's Guide to Magick for the Self Taught by Timothy Waggener

Second I want to address the concept of the supreme unacknowledged and unrealized arrogance of the doubters and mockers. First there is the fact that I was a member of the TIAMAT Cyber-magick news list back in the day, sometime around 2003 if I remember correctly.

The term "cyber-magic" was coined I believe for the first time in this group and was defined to the best of my memory as "The use of electronic media to conduct magical workings."

Therefore the first thing you have to understand about cyber-magick that I work with is that first of all I have been part of an actual and real group of people who worked with, created, experimented with and explored all creations and concepts of cyber-magick and as I recall there was close to 100 of us.

I mostly lurked, but I did learn a lot from this group. In addition to this I have been practicing and working with cyber-magick on and off for 11 years or so since I have first joined the group. This group had many experiments and theories posted on cyber-magick and we took the art of creating, testing, and advancing cyber-magick very seriously with rather scientific and rational validation and testing of things.

Now to understand this from my perspective you must understand I am a logical and rational person. The doubters and mockers have a lot to learn from me about how inflated their own egos are and how inaccurate their own understandings on magick and the occult are, which they could learn from my guide in some but not all cases.

A lot of people who are more advanced and experienced in the occult will find that this guide presents information they are already aware of and would say is valid and working, and this includes some of the doubters and mockers.

However what you have to understand is that not only is cyber-magick a group effort involving many people and something I have been doing for 11 years, but it is one of my strongest skills, and I am pretty much an expert in it.

Whether or not these people identify with the fact the site uses cyber-magick the undue prejudice (easily dispelled by reading my beginner's guide to magick) that I am full of it or don't know what I am doing, and also the fact that they do not understand how it works or believe that it works causes most everyone to jump to the same conclusion...

The claim is that the whole website is a facade, and therefore I am either delusional or a bad person for creating it. The truth is these people are excessively arrogant. If I come into a person's coven, ashram, or any other religious circle and start telling them all that the thing they are highly trained and experienced in is not real or that they have no idea how their religion or spirituality work and that even though I just now heard about it for the first time my beliefs and understandings on this thing are more important, valid, and credible than anything they have to say I am arrogant am I not?

That's exactly what these people are when they say the website is a facade. They are arrogant, claiming to be experts on something they have never even heard of before they found the website, that I have devoted 11 years of my life to understanding creating and learning. This arrogance is there whether they believe the cyber-magick is not real, whether they fail to realize the website uses cyber-magick, or whether they believe that they understand the cyber-magick better than I do. How can they possibly know if they are just now being introduced to this concept?

Now that this issue has been addressed I want to talk for a moment about the claims that the website is dangerous.

First of all there are no innocent victims. People who claim the website or any of the cyber-magick extension projects create child abuse or hurts people are simply assuming this. These people have not done any research to substantiate these claims on participants, they have not evaluated people who have used the self empowerment and cyber-magick on the website, and they do not talk to me in person to ask me questions in order to openly communicate on things about the website that they want to understand.

There are victims of my website, and they include some of the people such as doubters and mockers I have been describing so far, who put my safety and well being in danger. People might think it is "okay" to spread slander and misinformation (even if you believe it) that another magickian is crazy, or hurting innocent people, or dangerous, but in the occult this is a very serious accusation, especially if you are taken seriously.

If people listen to you they can try to put curses on me, bind and restrict my abilities, or outright try to kill me. I do not enjoy using my destructive magick on people who conflict with me with magick but anyone who does this is going to be punished and the punishment is going to be far greater than they feel they deserve. This is my policy.

I use destructive / black magick solely in self defense and the defense of people I love never for petty reasons and on rare occasions when required to assist others in wars that are important to the protection of humanity in general.

There are lots of doubters and mockers who remain untouched by my magick. This does not mean god is protecting you it simply means that I am very thick skinned and tend to put up with a lot more than I should for a lot longer than I should out of kindness, which is in no way weakness if you cross certain lines. My website is publicly opposed to tyranny and child abuse and most people who I conflict with are affiliated with these things or knowingly or unknowingly supporting people who are and my enemies are very real.

Although I do not use it excessively I am very good at it. I do not require a name or a face to identify an attacker, and I am quite well know to be incredibly cruel in retaliation and to drag the people you love and care for such as family, or members of your spiritual society into a conflict. I always win, even against other people who always win, and my defenses are pretty advanced as well.

That said, if someone feels the website has been "harmful" to them this is most likely because they have somehow been harmful to me. If you slander my good name and demonize me (whether you are delusional and think you are helping me or protecting people or not) my cyber-magick will "attack" you, likely in a small manner, and if you are specifically abusing children or causing tyranny, or doing more serious, intentional and deliberate things to try to harm my safety and well being the "attacks" will be more extreme.

If you are not doing this not only will you not experience any kind of harm from using the cyber-magick system, but you will benefit from using it either in a manner in which you realize you are benefiting or in which you simply assume your own natural strength and power is benefiting you and fail to realize the effects of its empowerment.

As is incredibly obvious if you actually read the documentation on the website I am a very rational person who is more rational than most people in the occult that I come across, and I very much understand how to evaluate and understand working systems of magick.

I have friends who use the website. I have people who thank me for the empowerment on the website. I have people who actually send me gifts to thank me for doing things most people consider impossible to do that the empowerment on the website has helped them with.

I have lots of rational and logical reasons to know the website works and to be completely honest I have never had a single website participant complain about the effects they have experienced from using my website or online cyber-magick systems. Self empowerment is one of my specialties and I do self empowerment for people all the time off the website. No one ever complains about the power I give them, and the fact I do not publicly display my supporters for their own discretion does not mean I don't know what I am doing. The website is very clearly 100% safe to anyone who is not abusing children, supporting tyranny, or going out of their way to jeopardize my safety and well being by slandering me to others or in any other manner.

Now there are lots of slanderous accusations which arise from all the prejudice created from this arrogance, and inflated sense of self worth and inflated sense of understanding of what I am doing that are created from others. Like most slanderous accusations people make about me these things are also addressed on the website. I do not abuse people's trust, or goad people into helping me to use and abuse them.

I do not even use the website to make friends. In the contact section the website specifically states that I do not make friends with fans of the website. I also do not make any money off of the website, do not host advertisements on the website, and do not promote any specific religious ideals or teachings except to encourage but not require people to focus on caring about child abuse and tyranny. It is a free public service. If something doesn't work that's too bad, but I will not be taking any money from anyone, and I will not be contacting people who believe in me and asking them for any kind of help or assistance. This is explained on the main page.

I have had experiences with people who are literally mentally ill, and their accusations hold no credibility whatsoever. If there accusations had any credibility whatsoever I would be in jail. Their delusional beliefs and accusations about me are pure fiction, and none of these people have ever rationally approached me about their accusations in person and discussed them with me, except for one person whose approach was in no way rational, and who I had to get a restraining order on. They just make things up, and for some reason people take them seriously.

Now apparently some people have complains about the fact I am opposed to tyranny and child abuse. There have been statements made that this is the job for the police and law enforcement and that simply by stating I am opposed to these things these people have assumed, not based on any factual information whatsoever, that I am unaware of this and am somehow dangerous because of this.

First and foremost I do not publicly discuss a majority of what I do in my work to oppose tyranny and child abuse, but I am involved in this effort and I have made quite an impact in progress in my involvement in this on this world.

This is something I am very proud of. My entire sense of self worth and self identity is based on not my perception of who I am spiritually but on what I have accomplished and how much people appreciate me.

It is very normal for me to accomplish things people do not believe are possible to do with magick or any other means and to not discuss them with the general public or over the Internet. There are many people in my personal life who can tell you I have done things with magick to help them that most people do not believe in, and I have many logical and rational reasons to believe in my ability to accomplish things. My sense of pride in who I am is validated by my achievements and I am a very goal oriented person.

Challenging my pride in what I do and in my achievements will not in any way change the fact that I will continue to refuse to discuss with anyone what I do and how I do it, because it is quite frankly no business of the stranger over the Internet what I do and how, and I do not need or want the support and appreciation of anonymous strangers in general for everything that I do.

My self worth does not suddenly decrease every time someone fails to acknowledge it. If strangers on the internet do not respect me and what I do I honestly am not that concerned about it. My main concern is simply the dangerous situation of having occultists and vigilantes who think they ARE in charge of regulating me causing interference in my life and in my work, then turning around and accusing me of fictional accusations to others which are sometimes but not always self projected flaws within themselves.

It all starts with the slander people throw my way behind my back, and the fact that everyone for some reason listens to these people who, while most of them have never talked to me, or only briefly over the Internet, and on some rare occasions of people with mental illness, over the phone to some degree, and even though these people either don't know me in real life and in person or they have known me and suffer from mental illness (meaning yes they are diagnosed - and yes they were crazy before not after I met them) and for some reason everyone listens to these people and takes them seriously and this puts me in serious danger.

However I am not a vigilante, and I encourage everyone who works with these things to try to be compatible with law enforcement instead of taking things into their own hands whenever it is possible.

Most of my work, especially since last year has been focused directly through the human governments and their means of accomplishing things and I am not in any way dangerous in my attempts to help with these things. I am very much legally compliant, and I very much believe that the people who are in charge of opposing child abuse are the ones who should be the front runners in accomplishing these things, even if my work is somehow connected.

Now in closing some last notes about the website itself. First off everything is free. I do not make any money off the website although I do spend money to pay for the website hosting, to pay other magickians to help with the website, to pay to promote the website, and to pay for all the required tools, ingredients, etc that are required to cast the spells behind the website that make it work. I do not even take donations to be compensated for this. The website is a free public service, open for anyone to use. As I mentioned previously I do not use this site to make friends or manipulate people. There is documentation such as what I've listed and also additional documentation that will actually help people recognize those kinds of people and avoid them.

If something sounds hard to believe, or you think you know that it doesn't work or is harmful this is your belief and you are welcome to believe whatever you want. You do not know if something on the website does or does not work (again cyber-magick is my field of study and life's work not yours) unless you actually participate.

Some things are spells which require patience and you have to wait for. Other things activate when you start using them.

I have been practicing magick and being an occultist since 2000, which is 14 years. I had a college sophomore reading comprehension level when I was in elementary school, and I take the path of learning, studying, and figuring out the occult very seriously. Most things on the website are foreign to people because I try to post only new and exclusive content that no one else has not because I am making it all up as I go. While most of the content is my own original work and creations a lot of it is based off of standing on the shoulders of giants and advancing things, just like any other person's new and decent material is in the occult and magickal communities.

The website has many training programs, and I have friends who can do things with magick that people do not believe are possible who have participated in the website or obtained self empowerment from me which are the same things on the website everyone thinks are fictional and made up.

When you tell a person they are delusional for posting something on a website that you have never even tried out for yourself or participated in you have no valid claim to this accusation founded in any kind of logic. You may have been right before, and the website may very much resemble other things you have been right about, but simply assuming you understand things at first glance does not make you right about things.

There are entire systems of magick and training on this website which people I know have participated in, and again there are the thank yous and displays of power and ability which, to be completely honest, have been catching far too much attention lately.

I give these empowerments to everyone for free. If you take the time to use the system you will notice some things work very effectively, some things work more for some people than others, and some things you may find don't seem to do anything at all.

Everything on the site is real. Some of these things you will have to wait for. Other things you will see right away. Anything that does not work right now is specifically designed so that it will work in the future, and people merely need to be patient and wait it out.

Really there is not a single valid complaint about the website which can be established as credible towards any motive or reason to close down the website. It is not dangerous, harmful to innocent people, a waste of time, bull crap, a scam, or anything like that.

If some of the content doesn't work (either right now but will work in time or, who knows maybe won't ever) that's too bad, but why does it matter really? I am not making money, recruiting people, or even teaching pretty much any particular religious doctrine whatsoever on the website.

Literally the only thing the website does is give participants power or attempt to. That is literally the foundation of the website, and after I close it down it will be some of these people who will take the power they have and make the world a better place.

I have closed down the website on the 20th for personal reasons. I planned to close it down one day anyway so that I would not have to have so much of a public face and could focus more on my offline work, which is honestly where most of my value and sense of self worth comes from. Me closing down the website is not because there was any credibility to the claims and slander of the doubters and mockers, so I hope this notice has helped clarify some things for people on that topic.

Part 3: The Cyber-Magick Playlist

Each of these videos on the cyber-magick playlist has a spiritual blessing of self empowerment connected to them. The idea of your playlist is to open your mind and awareness of specific concepts related to the music and through the power of Shama'el, The Angel of Sound and Healing and various other deities and forms of magick, we spread occult (meaning hidden) self empowerment spells into those who watch them. Feel free to give this playlist a listen if you want, and enjoy the experience.

Click Here to view the Playlist on YouTube


Thank you for playing god_Games.

- L.